John's photo

John began storytelling in 2000 when he answered the invite to the audience at only his second ever storytelling event, and he hasn’t stopped since, telling in venues as diverse as memory clubs, day centres, Nursing homes, a patients lounge in a psychiatric hospital, AGMs, pubs, hotels, and storytelling clubs.  In 2008 he won the ‘Spear of Lugh’ at the Lammas Eisteddfod in the Forest of Dean.

John’s non-storytelling career was in the area of Social Care, from 1975 through to 2011, ranging from a hostel for the homeless, residential children’s, Older Adult Mental Health Social Work; a Working Age Dementia Service and finally as a Senior Strategic Commissioning Manager for Older Adults until he left the Statutory Sector to concentrate on storytelling.

John tells traditional tales though with his own peculiar twist: - The brothers Grimm with Molotov cocktails, a Cornish tin miner growing corn on the side of Snowdon.  With stories of heroines, heroes and villains (though you may not always be sure which is which); of wonders and tricksters; of the moon the sun and the earth.  In his tales you will meet friends old and new with words, messages, and images, as relevant to us today as when first told to our ancestors and peoples. 

A wordsmith he tells tales with the hidden depths of the ocean though with a touch as light as the breeze kissing the surface of the sea, and as heavy as a sledgehammer cracking a peanut.  He brings stories from so long ago they happened yesterday, and from so far away they come from next door.  As he weaves his words you’ll journey far and near, but wherever the road wanders he’ll bring you safely home, though you may not always recognise the route, or even home.