Beggar Beneath the Cloak

Posted in Stories, Bard Craft and the Use of Stories

An old weary beggar woman, turned away by the ‘good people’ of the town, sits and watches as a young man is greeted like a hero.  As he rides out he passes her, who are you? she asks.  “I am story and I am welcome wherever I go” he replys, and you?  “I am truth and I am welcome nowhere” she tells him.  So now she sits beneath his cloak, going where he is welcomed, and this is why within every story, hidden away, waiting to be found, is truth.  With tales from East and West, from South and North; tales of potters, jewellers and chancers; of and owl, a magical cow and a dragon; of trees vain and dancing; who will hear the truth, and what truth will be heard?