Storytelling in Health and Wellbeing Workshop

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​Storytelling in Health and Wellbeing. Storytelling traditionally has been a tool of a community to express ideas, concepts and the norms of the society / culture. As such it can transmit the cultural knowledge of what is seen as right and wrong, but this can work both ways, the storyteller is both the voice of the society and its 'rules' and 'norms', and the voice of dissent, telling the stories that challenge the ‘rules’ and ‘norms’. The storyteller today can tell the stories of yesterday to carry messages ‘for today, he/she can also tell the today’s stories to carry the messages ‘ of today. The storyteller explores the inner landscapes of emotion and imagination, taking people on journeys of exploration and discovery. The job of the storyteller is to take the listener out of their comfort zone, and then bring them safely back. This workshop will be guided by the audience and where it wants to go, however we will look at stories of yesterday in both general and specific settings, we will also look at the potential for story-making today.